DESCRIPTION : Garbage semi trailer is used for collecting and delivering the garbages to garbage unloading areas.

 BODY CAPACITY : 40 m3 - 75 m3 , made ST 37-2 Quality Steel. (Base, Sides, Top)

 TAIL GATE : Made ST 37-2 Steel covers the body from rear end. There is a specially formed sealing element mounted on  tailgate to prevent any dirty water leakage tailgate moves Hydraulically.

 PRESSING - UNLOADING EJECTION PLATE : Ejection Plate moves linearly inside body and is used for compressing and/or  unloading the garbage inside.

 LOADING TAP : There is a filling tap that is opened by Hydraulic Cylinder at front top of the body.
 CHASSIS – AXLE : Chassis, axle, suspension, brake system and electrical installation are made in accordance with TSE  Norms & Turkish Roadway Regulations.

 DIESEL ENGINE : Diesel Engine is used for Hydraulic System installation. Diesel Engine is prefered by Customer.We  generally use Italian Diesel Engine

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