Water Tank

Project Description

They are the equipment used in the transportation of drinking or utility water. Although they are produced in very different capacities depending on the carrying capacity of the vehicle to which it is applied, they are generally produced up to 25,000 liters. Depending on the place of use, they are produced as black sheets or stainless steel. Depending on the purpose of production, irrigation systems can be placed in front of and/or behind the vehicle.

It can be equipped with a centrifugal type pump with a capacity of 1500 liters/minute at 10 bar, driven by the vehicle engine. In case of need, pumps of different capacities can be used. Respectively, the water monitor can be placed according to the place of use. The pumps are used also including with pre-vacuum systems that allow the tank to be filled from fixed water sources.

Are being updated.

Are being updated.

Hemen Ara